Architecture & materiality


Wiberg, M. (2011) Interactive Textures for Architecture and Landscaping – Digital Elements and Technologies, Engineering Science Reference, USA.

Editorial review:
“Interactive architecture is already a reality and an emerging phenomenon that will soon be part of our everyday environments. Interactive Textures for Architecture and Landscaping: Digital Elements and Technologies provides a concise theoretical foundation valuable for anyone interested in understanding the potential and impact of interactive architecture. This work is of great value for professionals including interaction designers, architects, artists, and for researchers in related disciplines and also serves as an intellectual point of reference for anyone interested in the ongoing digitalization of our built environment, our culture, and our society.”

About this research theme

In my research focused on Interactive Architecture & computational materiality I seek to combine current strands of thinking from areas such as interaction design, classical architecture and philosophy as to enrich our understanding of how we might expand our scope of interactional thinking where computational substrates streches across physical and digital materials, thus creating new dynamic forms. In this undertaking, my research is focused on compositional thinking with historical roots in both systems theory as well as modern design thinking.

This research is conducted both in close collaboration with ass. prof. Erica Robles, NYU, and also in close collaboration with the new 5-year research programme “Media Places” founded by the Wallenberg foundation and lead by Patrik Svensson at HumLab, UmU.

Over the years this research theme has resulted in a number of publications including e.g:

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Wiberg, M. (2011) Interactive Textures for Architecture and Landscaping – Digital Elements and Technologies, Engineering Science Reference, USA.

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