Mikael Wiberg, Professor

My name is Mikael Wiberg and I am a professor of Informatics at Umeå University, Sweden.  My research is concerned with the entangled ways through which digital materials sets or reconfigures the scene for social, cultural and architectural practices. Over the years, I have presented my work at several international conferences including CHI, Group and TEI. I have also published my research in international journals including e.g. ToCHI – Transaction of Human Computer Interaction, International Journal of Design, Design Issues, Design Studies, ACM Interactions, Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, Materials & Design, and the international journal Human-Computer Interaction.

I also have a new forthcoming book, The Materiality of Interaction – Notes on the Materials of Interaction Design (Feb, 2018), MIT Press.

Academic positions – last 10 years

2008-2010 Research Director, Umeå Institute of Design, Umeå university

2010-2012 Professor, Chair in Human-Computer Interaction Uppsala university 2013-present Professor in Informatics, Umeå university, Sweden

2013-2016 Head of Department, Department of Informatics, Umeå university

2015-2016 Chairman of the board, DIGSUM – Digital Research, Umeå university

2013-2016 Chairman of the board, Umeå School of Culinary Arts, Umeå university

2016- 2017 Associate Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, Umeå university

Editorial work – Journals

AE -Associate Editor, Information Systems Journal, http://disc.brunel.ac.uk/isj,Wiley-Blackwell, (2009 – 2015)

AE – Associate Editor, Personal and Ubiquitous Computing Journal (PUC), Springer verlag, (2011-present time).

AE – Associate Editor, International Journal of Mobile HCI (2011- present time). Forum Editor, Interaction & Architecture Forum, ACM Interactions (2015-present time)

International Advisory Board Member, Interaction Design & Architecture(s) Journal (IxD&A), (2011-present time).

Editorial Advisor, Studies in Material Thinking (2015 – present time).

Selection of recent publications

Wiberg, M. (Forthcoming Feb 2018) The Materiality of Interaction – Notes on the Materials of Interaction Design, MITPress.

Heekyoung, J., Wiltse, H., Wiberg, M., Stolterman, E. (2017) Metaphors, Materialities, and Affordances: Hybrid morphologies in the design of interactive artifacts, Design Studies, ISSN 0142-694X

Wiberg, M. (2017) From Interactables to Architectonic Interaction, ACM Interactions, XIV.2 March + April, 62-64.

Wiberg, M. (2016) Interaction, New Materials & Computing: Beyond the disappearing computer, towards material interactions, Materials & design, 90: 1200-1206.

Ghajargar, M., and Wiberg, M (2018) Thinking with Interactive Artifacts – Reflection as a Concept in Design Outcomes, Design Issues, issue 34:2.

Wiberg, M. (2014) Methodology for Materiality: interaction design research through a material lens, Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, Springer-Verlag, UK, 18(3): 625-636.

Wiberg, M. & Robles, E., (2010). Computational Compositions: Aesthetics, Materials, and interaction design. International Journal of Design, 4(2), 65 – 76.

Stolterman, E. & Wiberg, M (2010) Concept-driven Interaction Design Research, Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Vol 25, Issue 2, p. 95-118.

Editorial work
Associate Editor of Personal and Ubiquitous Computing
Editorial Advisor of Studies in Material Thinking
Associate Editor of International Journal of Mobile HCI
Advisory board member for the Interaction Design & Architecture(s) Journal (IxD&A)